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Interview with Norwegian Ambassador:
Norway-Vietnam Collaborations on Wind Power

Norway-Vietnam Collaborations on Wind Power

Norway has proven to be a valuable trade partner for Vietnam, with over 40 Norwegian enterprises operating in the country and an investment of approximately $192.78 million USD.  In terms of the wind energy sector, Norway's extensive offshore experience, abundant offshore wind potential, and established energy industries in oil, gas, and renewable energy serve as a perfect example for Vietnam. 

At this Impact Interview, we are honored to have the privilege of sitting down with Ms. Hilde Solbakken, the Ambassador of the Norwegian Embassy in Vietnam. The Ambassador shared her interesting personal stories related to Vietnam and shed light on Norway's successful experience in developing offshore wind projects, establishing a supply chain, and facilitating Vietnam's offshore project growth by creating a healthy pathway for active collaboration between corporations from both countries.

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H.E. Ms Hilde Solbakken


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