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Navigating Vietnam's Power Development Plan (PDP8) and Wind Investment Opportunities

Navigating Vietnam's Power Development Plan (PDP8) and Wind Investment Opportunities

Date & Time: 14:00-15:00 GMT+7, June 06 TUE

Format: Digital Conference

Event Background:

As Vietnam unveils its long-awaited Power Development Plan 8 (PDP8), the country is poised to embark on a transformative journey towards unleashing its energy potential. On June 06, we held this Impact Webinar to explore the implications of the PDP8 and delve into the specific investment opportunities and challenges it presents to the wind sector. From visionary strategies to de-risking investments, the webinar offers valuable insights into how stakeholders can navigate the evolving regulatory landscape.

Key Takeaways:

1. PDP8 requires actionable frameworks and procedures to enforce its statements and achieve tangible results:

  • Approval of National Marine Spatial Plan with offshore wind target allocation for potential regions and provinces and conflict-free areas for offshore wind development.

  • Approval of provincial master plans with clear wind target and identified wind energy area with regard to the Planning law and PDP8.

(for the planning of wind energy at provincial level must not conflict with PDP8 and other higher-level plans such as national marine spatial plan. If any such conflict arises, national marine spatial plan > PDP8 > provincial plan.)

2. Applicable policies to support the “Transitional Projects” and its current status:

  • Circular 15/2022/TT-BCT focuses on the mechanism for the calculation of bracket for electricity purchase price.

  • Decision 21/QĐ-BCT reveals the bracket for electricity purchase price, in which the ceiling price for onshore wind is 1587.12VND/Kwh, 21.2% lower than the estimated FiT price. Besides, the ceiling price for offshore wind 1815.95VND/Kwh, 21.8% lower than it is estimated.

  • Investors still need to negotiate the proper price lower than the ceiling price under the instruction of Official Letter 1193/EPTC-KDMĐ. By June 2nd, 2023, 65 transitional renewable energy projects with a total capacity of 3,643.861MW had submitted documents to EPTC to negotiate electricity prices and power purchase and sale contracts; in which 56 projects have proposed temporary prices equal to 50% of the ceiling price of the price bracket.

3. Vietnam is to develop 2 inter-regional RE hubs in the North, South-Central, and South of Vietnam by 2030.
The hubs would include renewable energy plants with capacity totaling up to 2000 - 4000 MW (mostly offshore wind); Manufacturing facilities for renewable energy and new energies; Transportation, construction, and installation; Ancillary services; Green and low carbon industrial zones, research and training centers for renewables.

4. Vietnam aims to integrate more wind power to its power system and also set a great goal to produce hydrogen and ammonia by extra renewable sources.

Ninhthuan is consider the best for green hydrogen production project, and other provinces in South Central region & Southern Vietnam are also in list. However, the shipment for long distances and storage of those energy carriers for long times present challenges due to the lack of infrastructure, capital investment, domestic codes and standards. Moreover, marine spatial planning for wind energy is absolutely crucial to set a framework for offshore project.

Insights Brought to You by:

Nguyen Ngoc Phuc Dang

Legal Specialist - Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company


Hoang Pham (James)

Managing Director 


Pham Ngoc Hoang Minh


Senior Engineer



Holnam Sha

Senior Content Analyst

Leader Associates

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