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The Wind Future Awards 2023

About the Awards

The mission of holding the Wind Future Awards is to promote the development and operation of wind energy, to achieve a sustainable green future.

Wind Energy would not be possible without ideas and innovations. Right now, the industry needs new developments more than ever. The awards honor companies for outstanding products and business performance for wind energy use. These companies are at the core of what supports ASEAN’s wind energy growth story.

With their leadership, and with ASEAN Professionals, we can make more of our own energy right here.

Why The Wind Future Awards?

A.  Promote the industry:

The Awards will increase visibility for your company. Awards can raise the credibility of your company, its brand and products.

B.  Encourage your team:

Shine the limelight on your team’s fantastic work and reward every member of your team that contributed.

C.  Make your mark:

Display and celebrate your success over the last year and be recognized by the industry experts.

D.  Expand your network:

Win new business and open opportunities for new clients by rubbing shoulders with award-winning businesses.

Awards Categories

A. Project Investor of the Year

This award seeks to honor companies that have exceptional business practices, economic achievements, and investments across the investment spectrum in the wind energy industry

C. EPC Company of the Year

This award is set to recognize the most excellent EPC firms that has greatly supported the construction of wind projects in ASEAN

E. Power Cable Technology of the Year

This award aims to recognize companies that are deeply involved in the cable field and continue to innovate.

B. Project Developer of the Year

This award recognizes the wind developer with a strong track record of delivering successful and profitable projects.

D. Turbine Technology of the Year

This award aims to praise the company that brings us the most innovative and cutting-edge turbine technologies.

F. Smart Technology Innovation of the Year

This award recognizes a company whose singular innovation has or will contribute to the acceleration of offshore wind in areas such as LOCE and supply chain process improvement.

G. Offshore Wind Leadership of the Year

This award is given to an individual and company that exhibits outstanding leadership, benefiting industry growth, development, and market maturation.

The Wind Future Awards Past Winners

Evaluation Criteria

A.  Degree of the Technological Innovation 20%
B.  Safety 20%
C.  Technical and Environmental Benefits 30%
D.  Economic Benefits 20%
E.  Proof of Innovation 10%

The jury team give scores of 1 – 5 for each of these dimensions.

  • 5 points: More than expected

  • 4 points: Meet expectations

  • 3 points: Basically meet expectations

  • 2 points: Fall short of expectations

  • 1 point: Not at all as expected

3 Key Benefits – event if you don’t win

Awards aren’t just about the fancy trophy, certificate or logo on your website. Winning or being shortlisted for awards can positively impact you, your clients and your employees.

A.  Standing out of the crowd

The Awards will increase visibility for your company. Awards can raise the credibility of your company, its brand and its products.

B.  Putting the company in the spotlight

Complimentary marketing promotion including massive press releases, promotion materials, website, and social media activities will gain the impressions of your brand and your innovation.

C.  Networking with other senior officers

Network with the decision-makers of the industry, find new partners and customers, and benefit from the broad trade press coverage of the AWARD Ceremony as part of ASEAN Wind Energy.

Award Timeline

Reach out to Award Team

Nomination Start: February 1, 2023
Nomination Close: August 30, 2023
Announcement of the Finalists: End of September, 2023
Announce of the Winners: October 2023

Awards Enquiries

Cami Wang

+86 156 1856 0256

Awards Enquiries

Kathy Xi

+86 151 2112 8297


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