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Impact Live: Unleashing Wind in ASEAN

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[Impact LIVE] Unleashing Wind in ASEAN
(Feb 08, Online | Part of APAC Wind Energy Week 2023)

Date & Time: 14:00 - 16:15, GMT+7, Feb 8 Wednesday

Format: Digital Conference


ASEAN countries are committed to achieving a 23% renewable energy share of energy supply by 2025. This ambition is demonstrated by the significant achievements of many ASEAN member countries, such as Vietnam, which has 11.8 GW of installed wind capacity. The Philippines is a close second, with around 3.5 GW of wind farms currently under development.

What 2023 will offer for the ASEAN wind sector and what are the opportunities and challenges that the industry should harness - The virtual conference will provide an up-to-date overview of the key ASEAN wind markets with a keen focus on regulatory progresses and projects revisit.

Feb 08 IMPACT Agenda (Hanoi Time)

14:00-14:05 | Organizer Welcome

Molly Huang, Head of Content, Leader Associates

14:05-14:25 | Wind Energy Outlook in ASEAN: Towards a Regional Transition

Robert Liew, Principal Renewable Analyst, APAC, Wood MacKenzie 

14:25-14:45 | Overview of the Regulatory Process of Wind Development in the Philippines

Jose M. Layug, Jr, Senior Partner, Puno & Puno Law, Philippines; President, Developers of Renewable Energy for AdvanceMent (DREAM)

14:45-15:05 | [VN Chapter] Overview of Vietnam’s Evolving Wind Regulatory Landscape

Nguyen Ngoc Phuc Dang, Legal Specialist, EVN PECC3 

15:05-15:25 | Building the first two gigawatts: How the Philippines can Scale an Offshore Wind Industry

Theo Sunico, Vice President, Triconti ECC Renewables Corporation

15:25-16:15 | [Executive Panel] The "Long-termists" Thinking: Forecasting the Next Stage of ASEAN Wind Growth


Antoine Gaudin, Senior Consultant, Power and Renewables, Wood Mackenzie 


Anders Ystad, Head of Regulatory, Policy, & Markets, Equinor 

Olivier Duguet, Founder & Chief Executive, The Blue Circle

Alma Roxas-Aguila, Vice President Development Philippines, Corio Generation

Tan-Hung Bui, Country Renewables Explorer Vietnam, TotalEnergies

Insights Brought to You by:
  • Olli Sipilä

Robert Liew

Principal Analyst, Power & Renewables


Wood MacKenzie

  • Olli Sipilä

Anders Ystad

Head of Regulatory, Policy, & Markets



  • Giulia Branzi

Alma Roxas-Aguila

Vice President Development Philippines

Corio Generation 

  • Olli Sipilä

Jose M. Layug, Jr

Senior Partner


Puno & Puno Law, Philippines

Theo Sunico

Vice President


Triconti ECC Renewables Corporation

  • Olli Sipilä

Antoine Gaudin

Senior Consultant, Power & Renewables


Wood MacKenzie

  • Sara Kärki

Olivier Duguet

Founder & Chief Executive

The Blue Circle

Tan-Hung Bui

Country Renewables Explorer, Head of Gas, Renewables, EV Charging Vietnam


Nguyen Ngoc Phuc Dang

Legal Specialist



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